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Music as a Career Path

The Royal Academy of Music recognizes Jalaram Academy as a National Testing Centre. Our students have won coveted prizes in Piano competitions...

The music program at Jalaram Academy is one of my favourites because it allowed me to express myself in a form other than academics. There is a variety of instruments one can choose to take up - piano, violin, drums and even guitar. If you are looking to be a more advanced student or perhaps even a music scholar, you can choose to take the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) or LCM (London College of Music) examinations that will help grade your progress at each learning level. Upon passing these examinations, you will be awarded an official certificate.

Mr Ken, the main music teacher at Jalaram, is a multi-skilled and talented musician that facilitates the music classes with great expertise, patience and dedication. Music can greatly expand your skill set while even boosting your university application credentials. In addition to this - and perhaps the most important point - music provides a safe outlet of emotion, expression and encompasses an art form that is truly revolutionary.

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Chad Akama
Chad Akama
17 de mai. de 2020


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