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Sports at Jalaram Academy

We encourage students to balance school life between academics and co-curricular activities. Hence our school offers a variety of mandatory sports both indoor and outdoor. The sports we offer include:

Outdoor sports

  • Swimming

  • Football

  • Water-polo

  • Basketball

  • Cricket

  • Tennis

Indoor sports

  • Table tennis

  • Badminton

  • Chess

  • Taekwondo

Our school encourages students to participate in multiple sports which allows for healthy competition amongst the four houses (Nyerere, Mandela, Kenyatta and Gandhi). The most popular sports for internal competition in our school are Water-polo and Football. This helps students learn the importance of team spirit and emphasize on working together.

We also part-take in inter-school competition for the sports above. Our school teams compete against different schools and manage to win multiple trophies and medals. For example, some competitions like chess tournaments are mostly held at Citam school and the participants have appeared on national television and local newspaper. {insert image} Our school has also participated in many football tournaments, they are mostly held at Moi stadium.

Our school provides the appropriate facilities needed for these various sports. We have a football pitch, tennis court, basket ball court, volley ball/throw ball pitch, swimming pool, badminton court and a table tennis table. 

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