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Updated: Feb 9, 2023


Did you know that according to recent studies, robots might replace 1 billion humans at their workplace in a bit more than a decade from today? We do not want to scare you, but this is a fact you need to know in order to better prepare yourself, your children and your students. However, there is some good news related to this: Someone needs to code and program these robots and that someone could be our students.

As you all know, we are living in a digital world where technology is everywhere. We live in smart homes, with interconnected devices and tons of software and gadgets that enable us to do thousands of things without even leaving our couch.

In this new era, everything needs a tweak. We cannot keep on living with the paradigms that ruled our lives until now. In this new era, we must focus on providing tools that can fit a workforce that requires a different skills set than the ones required a few years ago.


Coding is not only about the app, software, robot or digital solution your students create and build, coding is a multidisciplinary field where students will gain knowledge and tools that go way beyond the pure line of code. It is not only that the demand for STEM-related jobs will remain strong in the future and that programmers are required in almost every field, but it is:

● The problem-solving abilities students gain when learning how to code.

● Kids who learn how to code today will strengthen their critical thinking skills,

● They will develop a better logical and computational thinking,

● They will be much better than others in analytical thinking and in teamwork will.

With this, we are preparing our students to be future ready.

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