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Children are admitted to Jalaram Academy, Kisumu in year groups depending on their ages as of the
beginning of the first term of each academic year in September. Only the first or second term of the school year may a student submit an application. The third semester will not accept any new students.. The potential parent must fill out an admission request form, and the
prospect student will be assessed in Math, Science and English. We can determine each student
specific aptitude using these assessments. By supporting unique educational needs through
classroom-based teaching and, if necessary, additional support from our special needs teacher, we
are well-equipped to provide equal opportunity admissions.

At any moment, parents are welcome to visit the school. You will get to know the Senior Principal,
Administrator, Nursery, Primary, and Senior Section Head Teachers.

Admission is subject to interview; once completed successfully, you will notified on the placement and start date by the Administrator.


Term dates:

1. Second Term 2022/2023; Opening 4th-January 2023, Closing 31st- March 2023

2. Third Term 2022/2023 Opening 25th- April 2023, closing July 2023

Download Admission Request form here


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