Admissions & Information

This office was created to streamline and smoothen the process of admissions, attend to queries and provide better services to pupils, parents and the community at large. The admission procedure is handled by our fully fledged admissions office. Upon application students provide previous school reports, academic transcripts and a School Leaving Certificate. After qualifying for entrance, prospective students and parents are interviewed by a panel of senior managers and pastoral coordinators to ascertain whether the student will be able to fit into our school system.

The office deals with a number of issues:

  • Admissions procedure
  • Communication from parents, matters relating to payment of fees, withdrawal of pupils from school, requests for leave, issue of authenticated letters to various Embassies and High Commissions, keeping records of discipline and suspension.
  • Issuing transcripts, school leaving certificates and other matters related to students records.
  • Matters pertaining to loss or damage to school property and the recovery of cost thereof.
  • Pupil clearance